Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Riding the Coast

Riding the Coast
Just checking to see what this does


MCC said...

When do we ride

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have the full club
name of Mendocino Coast Cyclists so a web search will turn it up.

Anonymous said...

The trails are drying out.Mike & Collins trail an excellent ride with one wet spot.Jim's downhill is in the best shape ever.The maze is still muddy but passable.

Torn Jersey said...

Day Tripper,It took me so long to find out but I found out and Caspar is rippin'.Up to the scales,a wave to Jessie on the road to the scales.Paralell trail to lower TV 3dogs and two horses,Howdy Hi,nice folks and on my way.Just one of those beautiful days.The trial is great songs play in my head.The product of wasted youth.I better start watching the trail.Upper TV trail is still wet.Jessies go arounds are necessary ,ripped my jersey there,be careful.I cleared the leftside of the dip it should be rideable.On to Jessies trail ,he has been busy.It is worth the ride up it is way too nice.What a great trail he has developed.Thanks.Gunslinger next that trail has matured well.It is in great shape one of those wonderful rhythm trails,songs in my head again,better watch the trail.Pararlell to 500 no time for songs breathig too hard.500 to 508 that it is
a week away from being perfect.Back up 508 and home.Down Jims downhill grippin and rippin, yeah ha.Down through the maze sorry to be back in civilization.Down through Jug Handle staying off the trail to avoid the hikers.Down by Jims he is making good progress on his addition. On to home.It is time Ride.Bring your tools and clear and do a little day tripping