Monday, May 29, 2006

I got my bike!!

hey, Well i got my new bike, another chameleon that is super sweet. I want to thank everybody for looking out for my old bike that was stolen and it's a real bummer but my new one is nicer so i'm happy right now. Also thank you Fort Bragg Cyclery for giving me a great deal on the bike.


sweet blog!


Chris Clutton said...

Nice bike! I guess we will have to build some more trails for you to ride it on. Hope Two Rock wasn't to hard on you!

Belisle said...

More trails with BIG drops and jumps! 2 rock was fun, i was just out of shape.

Chris Clutton said...

Rode Juggs Trail the other day. It packed in nicely over the winter! I can see why you are thinking of getting a rock ring. My big ring dug into a few of the log hurtles but manageged to clear everything in both directions and only lost the trail once. Sweet!