Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mendo Coast Cyclists Ride in the Desert

 Moab Area Trails

Gemini Bridges
On the Bridges

Top of the Metal Masher Trail

 Porcupine Rim
Top of the  Hazard Trail


Kokopell's Trail



Over looking Castle Valley
On the Rim

Riding the Upper Rim

Lunch on the Rim
Riding off the Rim

 Slick Rock Trail
MCC on Slick Rock
Mary Kay's Birthday Ride
On the way to Negro Bill Canyon Overlook
Below the Slick Rock Trail
 after a cloudburst later the same day

Amosa Back

Riding the Red Rock Road

Regrouping allong the trail

Colorado River Overlook

Riding slick rock on the Rock Stacker Trail

Rock Stacker Trail

Checking out Pot Hole Arch

Bottom of the Amosa Back Trail

Fruita Area

Top of the Prime Cut Trail

Top of Joe's Ridge Trail
Joe's Ridge Trail

Chutes and Ladders Trail
Great Trip!