Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adopt a Trail

This is a message posted on the Club e-mail list in June 2009 by MCC President Jiro Tulley,
Some one mentioned
that trail stewards
could be the
for some trails that
are returning to the

Adopt a trail is a nice
way to show you care.

Some of us have
favorite trails that we
work on a lot and then
others don't see
much work.

Then those trails get
lots of use and the
others turn to brush.

If you would like to adopt a trail please let
us know and then we know
that its taken care of.

Members that have responded;

This is a good idea. I have been trying to keep up the Camp One Loop, and the
Manley Gulch Trails.

I think the adopt a trail is a great idea. If it isn't already taken I would
like to adopt Boiler Trail.

We would like to adopt the High Chute trail and the Labrador Trail.
Jim and Cindy

Many more trails trails need work. Please consider adopting a trail!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fort Bragg Lights Parade

MCC participated in the Lights Parade again this year. After meeting and setting up lights our group left F.B.Cyclery and headed to the parade start on Stewart St. We showed up at around 15 min before start time and got to be the last entries. This meant we could push back the police escort and really have some fun! A whole lot of wrong way riding was going on. Toward the end on Franklin St we started weaving up through and checking out the other entrants. Some put a lot of effort into the show! We then headed over to Rose and Stan's for a great pot luck dinner and a few eggnogs. A good time was had by all!
Get out and Ride!