Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gas Cap Trail Reroute

Mendocino Coast Cyclists completed a reroute on the Gas Cap Trail Saturday.

Nick works on the grade from the old trail.

John helps chop out a stump.

Jesse clears the upper trail.

Jack and Tom grub some roots.

Working on the final grade.

Jim and Cindy join us at lunch after putting down first tracks.

This was another successful work day thanks to all the help from the Club and Jackson State Forest!



Thursday, May 05, 2011

Forbidden Trail Closer

Forbidden Trail has been officially closed by the Caspar Watershed Study Staff. The reason for the closer is to stop use that may cause soil to wash into the stream.
I meet with JDSF and Caspar Watershed Staff earlier this year to look at the Moguls Trail. They do not like this trail because it also may cause soil to wash into the water. This area has an ongoing study to monitoring water quality and any excess soil in the water will mess up their data. At that time the Watershed Staff did not think Forbidden was a problem. Motorcycles started using the trail so probably the extra heavy use changed their minds.
At this time I think it is unlikely these trails will be reopened. I will try to get a new trail approved downstream of the study area so there will be a loop using the Caspar Crossing Trail as one leg.

Get out and Ride!