Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adopt a Trail

This is a message posted on the Club e-mail list in June 2009 by MCC President Jiro Tulley,
Some one mentioned
that trail stewards
could be the
for some trails that
are returning to the

Adopt a trail is a nice
way to show you care.

Some of us have
favorite trails that we
work on a lot and then
others don't see
much work.

Then those trails get
lots of use and the
others turn to brush.

If you would like to adopt a trail please let
us know and then we know
that its taken care of.

Members that have responded;

This is a good idea. I have been trying to keep up the Camp One Loop, and the
Manley Gulch Trails.

I think the adopt a trail is a great idea. If it isn't already taken I would
like to adopt Boiler Trail.

We would like to adopt the High Chute trail and the Labrador Trail.
Jim and Cindy

Many more trails trails need work. Please consider adopting a trail!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fort Bragg Lights Parade

MCC participated in the Lights Parade again this year. After meeting and setting up lights our group left F.B.Cyclery and headed to the parade start on Stewart St. We showed up at around 15 min before start time and got to be the last entries. This meant we could push back the police escort and really have some fun! A whole lot of wrong way riding was going on. Toward the end on Franklin St we started weaving up through and checking out the other entrants. Some put a lot of effort into the show! We then headed over to Rose and Stan's for a great pot luck dinner and a few eggnogs. A good time was had by all!
Get out and Ride!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Moguls Trail Closure

I met with JDSF and Caspar Creek Watershed Study staff 11/5/09 at the Recreational Task Force meeting. Everyone apologized for not letting us know before closing the trail. The reason for the closure is to immediately stop use that is contributing to soil washing into streams in the Caspar Watershed Study area. This study monitors water quality before and after timber harvest work. It is important for this study's accuracy to keep erosion not related to harvesting to a minimum. I asked to be given an opportunity to try and reopen the trail by addressing the erosion problems. In my opinion this would be the best long-term solution. Staff was open to this. I will set up a field meeting to look at the problems with staff and ask that the public be invited as well. This will not happen overnight so please respect this closure.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Charlie "Darth" Dimock's Birthday Ride!

Another great birthday celebration has come and gone. Thirteen intrepid riders joined Charlie to help celebrate his 52nd birthday. A great day was had by all.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Darth Dimock's Birthday

Sunday October 18th!
11 AM Rd. 409
Party Ride for Darth Dimock!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 Caspar Classic Race Report

Caspar Classic Mountain Bike Race

Race Start

We had perfect race weather again this year with a high temp of 67 and light winds. Twenty-eight racers had registered by the 10 AM start time. The course was in very good condition although my course markings were hard to see and a cause of some confusion. I promise to do a better job marking next year.

Lap times where very fast and a new course record of 32 minuets flat was set by Brian Astell beating Ethan Black's fastest lap of 34:52 from last year! Brian kept up the pace for all three laps in the Advanced Class finishing first with a total time of 1:38:14. Second place went to Sean Allen who was 5:09 back. And Dean Meyer was third coming in 5:26 behind first.

Sean's wife Mary Allen was the only lady to race three laps this year with a total time of 2:17:00. I'll have to work on getting the Sonoma County ladies to come back to race next year to give Mary some competition!

A very competitive group raced two laps in the Intermediate Class! Caspar resident Jake Madden took first with a time of 1:25:20. Pete Gielow came in second 0:19 seconds back. And Jeff Sheldon was third 1:10 behind first. Woman racing two laps this year where Nicole Garcia with a total time of 1:35:43, and Amanda Woodward who came in 18:94 minutes later.

This year three raced in the Beginner Class. The winner was Scott McCulloch in a time of 46:30. Stephan Whatley riding a signal speed was second 4:87 behind. And Mendocino Coast legend Gene Barns came in third 9.12 back from first.

This year Stephan Whatley and Adam Sherf from Willits made some very artistic awards from recycled bike parts. We all had fun checking out the many peaces involved to make these trophies!

Thanks to Catch a Canoe, Fort Bragg Cyclery, and The Outdoor Store for coming through with great swag! Down Home Foods for donating delicious fruit and drinks. And to Bike Mendo for letting us use much needed equipment and supplies for this race.

Many volunteers helped set up, run, and clean up after the race. Some above and beyond help came from Jim and Cindy Ellis timing and treats, Rick Riley and Stan Miklose course set-up and awards, Marc Tenzel and Roo Harris course marshaling, and Fay Yee registration. Thank you all!

Lets do this again next year!


Brian Astell receives his Trophy for First Place

Marry Allen was awarded First Place Woman

Some of this years Trophies

Caspar Classic Mountain Bike Race Times

Advanced Class, Men,

Lap #1

Plate#/Name, Lap time, Time back

78/Brian Astell, 32:00, 0

79/Sean Allan, 33:36, 1:36

71/Dean Meyer, 34:16, 2:16

77/Amon Pease, 34:30, 2:30

75/Gabe Chesse, 34:53, 2:53

72/Colby Pastore, 34:53, 2:53

100/David Desautels, 38:31, 6:31

73/Earc Gordon, 39:23, 7:23

70/Paul Begbie, 39:23, 7:23

76/Nick Taylor, 42:40, 10:40

74/Tom Charters, 43:29, 11:29

69/Rick Riley, 58:02, 26:02*

Lap #2

Plate#/Name, Lap time, Lap back, Total

78/Brian Astell, 33:42, 0, 1:05:42

79/Sean Allan, 34:68, 1:26, 1:08:04

71/Dean Meyer, 34:16, 0:74, 1:09:07

72/Colby Pastore, 34:91, 1:49, 1:09:44

77/Amon Pease, 35:18, 1:76, 1:09:48

75/Gabe Chesse, 35:89, 2:47, 1:10:42

100/David Desautels, 40:20, 6:78, 1:18:51

73/Earc Gordon, 40:97, 7:55, 1:20:20

70/Paul Begbie, 40:98, 7:56, 1:20:21

74/Tom Charters, 46:74, 13:32, 1:30:03

69/Rick Riley, 49:47, 16:05, 1:47:49*

76/Nick Taylor, 88:67, 55:25, 2:11:07

Lap #3

Plate#/Name, Lap time, Lap back, Total

78/Brian Astell, 32:75, 0, 1:38:14

79/Sean Allan, 35:19, 2:44, 1:43:23

71/Dean Meyer, 34.33, 3:42, 1:43:40

77/Amon Pease, 36:05, 3:30, 1:45:53

75/Gabe Chesse, 35:83, 3:08, 1:46:25

72/Colby Pastore, 39:13, 6:38, 1:48:57

100/David Desautels, 42:04, 9:29, 2:00:55

73/Earc Gordon, 43:81, 11:06, 2:04:01

70/Paul Begbie, 45:28, 12:53, 2:05:49

74/Tom Charters, 45:55, 12:80, 2:15:58

69/Rick Riley, DNF*

76/Nick Taylor, DNF

*Single Speed

Advanced Class, Women,

Lap #1

Plate#/Name, Lap time, Time back

80/Mary Allan, 45:36, 0

Lap #2

Plate#/Name, Lap time, Lap back, Total

80/Mary Allan, 45:70, 0, 1:31:06

Lap #3

Plate#/Name, Lap time, Lap back, Total

80/Mary Allan, 46:06, 0, 2:17:00

Intermediate Class, Men,

Lap #1

Plate#/Name, Lap time, Time back

382/Jake Madden, 41:52, 0,

376/Pete Gielow, 42:41, 0:89

330/Jeff Sheldon, 43:00, 1:48

373/Adam Sherf, 43:02, 1:50

380/Tom Spinardi, 45:50, 3:98

375/Jiro Tully, 48:44, 6:92*

381/Charles O'Brien,48:52, 7:00

374/Lucas Peterson, 51:36, 9:78

383/Kodi Rider, 52:14, 10:62

377/Chip Touhey, 58:02, 16:50

Lap #2

Plate#/Name, Lap time, Lap back, Total

382/Jake Madden, 43:68, 0, 1:25:20

376/Pete Gielow, 42:98, 0:70, 1:25:39

330/Jeff Sheldon, 43:70, 0:02, 1:26:30

373/Adam Sherf, 46:31, 2:62, 1:28:33

380/Tom Spinardi, 46:09, 2:41, 1:31:59

381/Charles O'Brien,49:64, 5:96, 1:38:16

375/Jiro Tully, 50:88, 7:20, 1:39:32*

374/Lucas Peterson, 52:94, 9:26, 1:44:30

383/Kodi Rider, DNF

377/Chip Touhey, DNF

*Single Speed

Intermediate Class, Women,

Lap #1

Plate#/Name, Lap time, Time back

378/Nicole Garcia, 45:42, 0

379/Amanda Woodward,56:06, 10:64

Lap #2

Plate#/Name, Lap time, Lap back, Total

378/Nicole Garcia, 50:01, 0, 1:35:43

379/Amanda Woodward,58:31, 8:30, 1:54:37

Beginner Class, Men,

Plate#/Name, Time, Time back

284/Scott McCulloch,46:30, 0

280/Stephan Whatley,51:17, 4:87*

285/Gene Barnes, 55:42, 9:12

*Single Speed
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Wheeler Beach Ride

A group of eleven riders braved the drive to Usal beach for a ride to Wheeler Beach on the Lost Coast. The six miles of the dirt road to Usal is brutal! I am always amazed how many people use this area, the camps where almost completely filled. The weather was perfect and the views awesome.
As we where getting ready to ride Stan startled a large bull elk that was lounging in the picnic area! It settled down again and we all got a chance to check out this impressive animal.
This was my first time on this ride and for some reason I expected it to be fairly easy. Having ridden other areas on the Lost Coast I should have known better. By rides end Cindy's computer had 22 miles and nearly 4K of climbing!

Mike and the elk at the rides start near Usal Beach.

David at one of many view spots.

Jim stops to check out Usal Beach far below.

The group arrives at Wheeler Beach.

Stan checks out Wheeler Beach.

Relaxing after the ride.

Rick at Usal Beach.
We all had a great time riding together and visiting this beautiful area!
Get out and ride!
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Club Camp

The club camping weekend is done. Gene Barnes won the poker ride and the hill climbing contest. Gene shared his good fortune by donating his winnings to the club. Thank you, Gene.
And thanks to Chris for securing and setting up our camp. Also thank you to David for transporting my stock tanks and working with Chris to make them into "cowboy hot tubs". Stanley and Rose laid out some great food which we enjoyed and appreciated. Thank you, Michael, for returning the pump and hoses to Rent-All.

Rubber-side down,

Monday, July 20, 2009

July Trail Work Day

Another trail work day is history!
Eleven MCC members came out to help clear downed trees, branches, and brush from old Rd 552. The trail is now ridable from Rd 555 (Berry Gulch road) to Rd 740 (Old Mill Farm access). A new trail was cleared from the old trailer to Rd 740 to bypass some large fallen redwood trees near the Old Mill Farm property.
This is a beautiful area and a good bypass to Rd 408. Check it out next time you are on this part of the forest!
Stan getting ready to play in the mud. His shirt was not nearly as white when he was done!

John and David D attack the Pompas Grass jungle.

Roo stays clear of Gene's Circle of Death!

Colin clears a log out of dip while Nick checks the line.

Mike clears some of many branches from the trail.

Colin and Marc rest up for the final assault.

Gene ready to finish last section after lunch.

I didn't get a good shot of Rick, or of me chasing down folks to get their photos.
Thank you all for helping make this a great work day!

Get out and ride!


Friday, May 29, 2009

King Range Camp out and Ride

The two Tims from the Bigfoot Bike Club riding the trail below camp.

Mendocino Coast Cyclists meet with the Bigfoot Bike Club for camping and riding in the King Range over the Memorial Day weekend. Groups from the Bay Area and Santa Rosa where also at Tolkan camp to check out the trail and have a good time.
Tim D. and Tim K. from Bigfoot and I came into camp on Friday evening. The Tims had been having fun riding in the Pea Vine ridge area earlier that day. After setting up we had a few beers with the group from the Bay Area and talked about some of the great riding opportunities we have in Northern California.
Saturday morning Jim and Cindy showed up early to set up their camp after spending the night in Garberville, and a new MCC member, Jack, came up from Little River to join us for a ride. We rode out and back on the roller coaster trail south of camp. After riding with us Jack headed down to the beach to do some surfing. John and Paul showed up around noon and we rode the loop clockwise. Everyone enjoyed the trail and views very much. This was my first time riding with Paul and he is a very good rider! Tim D. rode one loop with his bike sucking chain and decided not to ride again until new chain rings could be installed. The water was not working at camp so he volunteered to go fill our sun showers for us while we rode. When we returned to camp he had set up his shower tent and had all our shower water worming in the sun. Very nice! After a great shower, I started up the BBQ for chicken, Tim K. shucked corn, and Cindy made a great salad for dinner. We all enjoyed the food with some wine or beer, sat around the campfire to talk about bikes, the trail, and the good life.
Sunday after breakfast we where ready to ride some more. The plan was to go to the top of the downhill run so Jim and Cindy could video some of the action. It was 11 when we got to the top and because I had told folks a ride would start from camp at 12:30 I decided to keep going while the video session was happening. This was the first time I rode the complete trail counterclockwise. Coming down the narrow signal track was a blast! No one showed up at 12:30 so I had a few beers with the Tims and the group from Santa Rosa. When Jim and Cindy returned to camp we packed up and they left to check out Shelter Cove, the Tims headed north, and I took one last quick ride before heading home.
We all had a wonderful time and I hope we can do it again next year!

Here are some more photos

Jack came up and rode with us on Saturday then headed to Shelter Cove for some surfing.

John and Paul ready to ride.

Jim and Cindy set up their truck tent.
Get out and ride!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Caspar Classic

Mendocino Coast Cyclists are proud to host
the Caspar Classic Mountain Bike Race
to be held Sunday September 6th 2009 on Labor Day weekend.

Race start is 10am registration opens at 8am on Caspar Logging Rd at Rd 600.

From Hwy 1 at Caspar (between Mendocino and Fort Bragg) go east on Fern Creek Rd to top of hill, right on Caspar Orchard Rd, then stay straight on dirt Caspar Logging Rd for 1 mile to Race Start. Due to large speed bumps on Caspar Logging Rd low clearance vehicles should turn left to stay on Caspar Orchard Rd and stay straight onto dirt Rd at end of pavement, than after 1/4 mile turn left on Logging Rd to Race Start.

The course is the same as last year, a 7-mile loop with 500ft of climbing, about 1/3 dirt road, 1/3 double-track trail, and 1/3 single-track trail.

Racer groups will be,

Beginning racers 1-loop/7 miles/500ft climb

Intermediate racers 2-loops/14 miles/1000ft climb

Advanced racers 3-loops/21 miles/1500ft climb

Groups for woman, single speeders and others may also be formed.

Race fee is $25

For more information contact Rick Riley at 707 964-5250

or mccrickriley@yahoo.com

Some photos of the 2008 Caspar Classic
Ready to Race

Top Men Racers

Top Woman Racers

Single Speeders

After Race Refreshments

2008 Race Report

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

King Range Camp out and Ride May 23-24

The Paradise Royale bike trail in the King Range has been referred to as the "Little Whistler". I've not been to Whistler but if it's like this trail it Rocks! Don't worry if you are not into jumps and drops good ride arounds are easy to see and use.
Tolkan Camp has water but I suggest bringing drinking water and using this treated water for washing only.
There is a store 20 min drive from camp for supplies if needed. Shelter Cove is about 30 min away with some eating places, a nice beach, and good surf spots for those interested in other activities.
Drive time from the Mendo Coast is about 2.5 hrs by way of Redway go west on the Shelter Cove Rd turn on King Peak Rd and go north to Tolkan Camp.
Rides will start from Camp at 12:30 Saturday, 9:30 and, 12:30 Sunday.
Members of the Bigfoot Bike Club are interested in riding with us, so I will invite our friends from the north to join us for this fun weekend camp out and ride.
Here is a link to a great ride blog with information on this trail and other rides in the Humboldt area.

Get out and Ride!
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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Jiro's 50th at Boggs

Yes it has been ten years since this photo was taken at Jiro's 40th Birthday at Boggs! A camp out is planned for March 6-8. If you haven't ridden Boggs it is well worth the drive even for just one day. Boggs is about a two hour drive from the Mendo Coast near the town of Cobb in Lake County. From Hwy 175 just north of Cobb turn at the sign to the CDF Fire Station, stay on the main road (Rd 500) past the heliport about a mile to Calso Camp. Camping is free but no water is available. There is a good store in town for any supplies needed. Bring your lights for a night ride. An elevation of around 3500 ft means it can get cold this time of year so bring appropriate gear. This should be a great weekend! Hope to see you there!
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Monday, January 19, 2009

First Trail Workday of 2009

The "Indiana Jones" bridge on the Caspar Crossing Trail needs replacement. Anyone willing to help is welcome. Meet at 10am Saturday Jan 31 in the large pull out 2.8 miles from Hwy 1 on County Rd 409. Bring a lunch, water, gloves, work shoes, and a tool of your choice. We will be done by 4pm.