Monday, November 17, 2008

IMBA Trail building day.

Builders in action. Great job guys and gals.
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Monday, October 20, 2008

IMBA's Trail Care Crew (TCC) is coming to the Mendocino Coast!

Mendocino Coast Cyclists (MCC) will host the TCC Nov. 14-16

The TCC will be at the North Coast Brewery Friday from 6-9pm. Videos of past trail work and completed trails from around the world will be shown. This is a chance to find out about IMBA's commitment to building fun, sustainable trails, while meeting folks interested in improving the local trail system.

A workshop on design, construction, and maintenance of trails will be held Saturday at the Caspar Community Center meeting room 9-12noon. Hands on work improving the Three Post trail 12:30-4pm. Lunch will be provided at the trail head.

On Sunday at 12noon a trail ride will leave from end of the pavement on Caspar/Little Lake Rd. (Rd 409 3.5 miles east of Hwy. 1) all riders are welcome to join MCC and the TCC for a 3 to 4 hour ride.

For more information contact Rick Riley by phone, 707 964-5250, or e-mail,

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2008 Caspar Classic Mountain Bike Race Report

Sunday Aug 31st started clear and breezy in Caspar, and it stayed that way all day. The area at the start/finish line had some blowing dust but lots of trees calm the wind along the trails so conditions where great for pushing hard and all participants where ready to race at 10am.

A large group came up from Sonoma County to ride the trails and test the locals. Mendocino has some great racers and Brian Astell from Mendo's South Coast took first place in the 21 mile advanced category. Brian arrived at the race with rear tire that had just gone flat on his motorcycle and his bike strapped to the back. He had no flats or other problems with his mountain bike, and after hanging with the lead group on the first lap he opened up a good lead and kept it through the finish line with a time of 1:45:14. Second place went to Ethan Black who was plus 02:26, and third was taken by Sean Allen who was only 02:32 back from first place on his single speed bike! Sean told me his back was hurting him before the race but it didn't seem to slow him down much. Gabe Cheese who easily won the race last year had stiff competition this year and came in forth.

The woman from Sonoma kicked butt in the advanced group with Sarah Campbell taking first, Ann Boggs came in second and, Heather Cafferata got third place.

The intermediate 14 mile race was won by Chris Loeffler in 1:28:44, Jessie New was 1:10 behind first and came in second beating Tom Charters, 1:11 back, who took third in a sprint for the finish line!

No one entered the beginning category although two riders dropped out and said one lap was enough for them.

Five rode single speeds with Sean Allen first, and David Desautels second in the 21 mile race. In the 14 mile race Adam Sherf took first, Rick Riley came in second, and Jiro Tulley was third.

Fort Bragg Cyclery donated two $75 gift certificates for first place men/woman, and two $25 certificates for second place men/woman. Third place winners had their choice of swag then all racers and volunteers had a free for all for leftovers.

Brian got his motorcycle tire fixed strapped on his bike and headed home. Sean Allen, and David Desautels hadn't had enough riding and took off to check out a new trail in the area. And the clean up crew consumed a quite a few malt beverages with anyone hanging out after the awards.

Catch a Canoe and Bikes Too, The Out Door Store, IMBA, and Fort Bragg Cyclery donated prizes. Down Home Foods provided fruit, coffee, and water. Mendocino Coast Cyclists provided help to set up and run the race.

THANK YOU to all the Caspar Classic sponsors and volunteers!

Let's do this again next year!


Caspar Classic Mountain Bike Race Lap Times

Lap #, Time, Total Time, Plate #, Name

Order per lap


1, 0:34:52, #41, Ethan Black / 2, 34:87, 1:09:39, #67, Brian Astell / 3, 35:75, 1:45:14, #67, Brian Astell


1,0:34:53, #67, Brian Astell / 2, 35:82, 1:11:37, #59, Sean Allen / 3, 35:28, 1:47:40, #41, Ethan Black


1, 0:35:41, #51, Gabe Cheese / 2, 36:61, 1:12:02, #51, Gabe Cheese / 3, 36:09, 1:47:46, #59, Sean Allen


1, 0:35:55, #59, Sean Allen / 2, 37:60, 1:12:12, #41, Ethan Black / 3, 36:20, 1:48:22, #51, Gabe Cheese


1, 0:36:40, #45, Riley Howard / 2, 35:94, 1:12:34, #45, Riley Howard / 3, 38.23, 1:50:57, #45, Riley Howard


1, 0:37:45, #44, Colby Pastore / 2, 39:69, 1:17:14, #44, Colby Pastore / 3, 38:99, 1:57:07, #61, Gabe Forsyth


1, 0:38:22, #48, Dirk Asch / 2, 39:80, 1:18:02, #48, Dirk Asch / 3, 40:01, 1:57:15, #44, Colby Pastore


1, 0:38:39, #61, Gabe Forsyth / 2, 39:69, 1:18:08, #61, Gabe Forsyth / 3, 40:22, 1:58:24, #48, Dirk Asch


1, 0:39:38, #42, Eric Gordon / 2, 41:80, 1:21:18, #42, Eric Gordon / 3, 40:82, 2:02:02, #62, Mark Tenzel


1, 0:40:15, #62, Marc Tenzel / 2, 41:05, 1:21:20, #62, Marc Tenzel / 3, 41:82, 2:03:00, #42, Eric Gordon


1, 0:40:39, #60, David Desautels / 2, 42:00, 1:22:39, #60, David Desautels / 3, 43:05, 2:05:44, #60, David Desautls


1, 0:40:46, #54, Rusty Hansen / 2, 45:87, 1:26:33, #54, Rusty Hansen / 3, 42:27, 2:09:40, #49, Sarah Campbell


1, 0:42:51, #52, Jessie New / 2, 42:71, 1:27:13, #49, Sarah Campbell / 3, 46:67, 2:13:00, #54, Rusty Hansen


1, 0:43:00, #58, Gary Calder / 2, 44:45, 1:27:45, #58, Gary Calder / 3, 44:93, 2:13:37, #68, Chris Loffler, Rode extra lap


1, 0:43:08, #66, Jacob Madden / 2, 44:08, 1:28:44, #68, Chris Loeffler / 3, 45:92, 2:13:37, #58, Gary Calder


1, 0:43:15, #36, Tom Charters / 2, 45:44, 1:28:52, #66, Jacob Madden / 3, 50:58, 2:21:10, #46, Ann Boggs


1, 0:44:36, #68, Chris Loeffler / 2, 46:83, 1:29:34, #52, Jessie New / 3, timing ended #50, Heather Cafferata


1, 0:44:42, #49, Sarah Campbell / 2, 46:19, 1:29:34, #36, Tom Charters / 3, " " # 53, Sheegan Addy


1, 0:44:43, #46, Ann Boggs / 2, 46:09, 1:30:52, #46, Ann Boggs / 3, " " #63, David Strode


1, 0:46:10, #38, Aaron Black / 2, 48:01, 1:34:11, #38, Aaron Black / 3, DNF #66, Jacob Madden


1, 0:46:33, #43, Adam Sherf / 2, 47:50, 1:34:50, #39, Tom Spinardl


1, 0:47:00, #39, Tom Spinardl / 2, 48:19, 1:34:52, #43, Adam Sherf


1, 0:49:05, #64, Mike Berna / 2, 49:41, 1:38:46, #64, Mike Berna


1, 0:50:05, #69, Rick Riley / 2, 49:93, 1:40:33, #55, Lucas Peterson


1, 0:50:40, #55, Lucas Peterson / 2, 50:37, 1:40:42, #69, Rick Riley


1, 0:50:42, #40, Chuck O'Brien / 2, 50:01, 1:41: 29, #37 Jiro Tulley


1, 0:51:15, #65, David Duncan / 2, 51:74, 1:42:14, #40, Chuck O'Brien


1, 0:51:26, #50, Heather Cafferata / 2, 51:13, 1:42:39, #50, Heather Cafferata


1, 0:51:28, #37, Jiro Tulley / 2, 53:76, 1:46:18, # 53, Sheegan Addy


1, 0:52:08, #53, Sheegan Addy / 2, 55:13, 1:46:28, #65, David Duncan


1, 0:53:42, #34, Martin Johnson / 2, 54:65, 1:48:07, #34, Martin Johnson


1, 0:56:38, #63, David Strode / 2, 1:13:68, 2:00:16, #63, David Strode


1, 0:57:50, #56, James Gay / 2, 1:03:63, 2:05:02, #47, Kim Krieger


1, 0:57:54, #57, Bill Popow / 2, DNF, #56, James Guy


1, 1:01:39, #47, Kim Krieger / 2, DNF, #57, Bill Popow

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Monday, September 01, 2008

PAL Bike Rodeo

MCC was at the PAL Bike Rodeo Sat Aug 23rd. We helped the Coast Guard Crew with the bike safety check. Marc brought the air compressor from FB Cyclery and it got a lot of use, as most tires needed air. Some of the kid's bikes had loose/missing axle bolts (thanks again to Marc for bringing extras), loose seat/bar clamps, and needed cable and chain lube. We were able to get all the bikes out on the obstacle course. It was a lot of fun watching the kids having a good time on their bikes!


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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Caspar Classic Mountain Bike Race 2008

Mendocino Coast Cyclists will again hold the Caspar Classic Race on Sunday August 31st, Labor Day weekend.

Race starts at 10am registration opens at 8am on Caspar Logging Rd at Rd 600.

From Hwy 1 at Caspar (between Mendocino and Fort Bragg) go east on Fern Creek Rd to top of hill, right on Caspar Orchard Rd, then stay straight on dirt Caspar Logging Rd for 1 mile to Rd 600.

The course is the same as last year, a 7-mile loop with 500ft of climbing, about 1/3 dirt road, 1/3 double-track trail, and 1/3 single-track trail.

Racer groups will be,

Beginning racers 1-loop/7 miles/500ft climb

Intermediate racers 2-loops/14 miles/1000ft climb

Advanced racers 3-loops/21 miles/1500ft climb

Racer groups for woman, single speeders and others will also be formed as needed.

Race fee is $25

Come have some fun and help support cycling on the Mendocino Coast!
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Monday, June 09, 2008

Trash Clean Up in Caspar Orchard Area

This clean up day MCC collected the least amount of trash in the five years we have been working in this area. Maybe we are making an impression on dumpers. The party spots were the hardest to pick up this year. We got allot of nails (from burned pallets) and broken glass but many nails remain. JDSF may be getting a rolling magnet this would help to get almost all of the nails. Schools are going on summer break so we may see increased use of party spots. Use care when riding through these spots, S.H. Trail at T.V. Trail, and Rd 500 at Rd 511 (Wuss Hill).

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

PAL Sale Bike Check

Saturday morning the truck loads of bikes kept coming from the FBPD storage yard (they now have a shed so stored bikes will not stay out in the weather as in the past) and more than 30 bikes where dropped off behind Fort Bragg Cyclery.
We checked the bikes brakes, aired up tires, lubed or replaced chains, cables, shifters and derailleurs. Some bearing adjustments, wheel truing, seat, and grip replacements were also needed.
A few bikes presented quite a challenge others only needed lube.
At the end of the day we had over 20 bikes ready for the PAL sale!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Caspar Creek Crossing Trail

Mendocino Coast Cyclists latest trail is complete. The trail connects Caspar Little Lake Rd. (409) to Forest Road 600.

JDSF has mapped the new trail and I will try to get a map made soon.

From Rd 409 the trail starts near the three-mile marker look for a turn out on north side of the road with a no dumping sign. Head north on the old logging rd, take the first left turn, then stay straight at next cross rd. The trail starts across the old landing at the end of the rd. At the bottom the trail crosses a log across Caspar Creek.

This trail was not constructed for horse traffic and would need extensive hardening before it would hold up to horses.

Please tread lightly on this and all trails.

Get out and enjoy our area!


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Monday, May 05, 2008

Sea Otter 2008

Mendocino Coast Cyclists had good representation at Sea Otter once again! We had the same camp as last year, and it was windy as usual, but no rain.

The Cross Country races where in a new order this year.

Beginners raced Friday and Tom Charters received first place in his category!

Saturday Sport class raced, and I got 8th place, which was my personal best for this course.

Sunday was Expert and Pros. Most of the top Pros where at a Worlds Competition so some old folks and new "up comers" got to race together! Tinker was in the top ten, Ned came in mid pack, and Point Arena's own Brian Estelle was not far behind!

Unfortunately Colin crashed during practice and was unable to race the Down Hill.

Rick and I once again tasted IMBA's beer and food. Good things are coming!

Tom did the century road tour, and we all collected as much swag as possible, the Caspar Classic race will once again have lots of goodies! We made new friends and visited with old ones.

Sea Otter was a great time once again!


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Riding the Road

Winter is a great time to do some road riding.
Trails are muddy.
Traffic is less.
Keep riding fitness.
But sharing the road with motor traffic can be dangerous!
Remember to wear bright colors.
Get a good tail light / head light set and use them all the time.
Ride in a predictable way.
Watch for cars that may pull out or turn in front of you.
Ride safe and have fun!
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