Monday, November 13, 2006

Campout August 18th-21st

The annual Mendocino Coast Cyclists campout at
Jackson Demonstration State Forest Camp One went just
as expected this past weekend with plenty of good
food, friends, and great mountain biking fun. The 20+
attendees included: Chris, David D, Marc & Naomi,
Jesse & Roanna, Stanley & Rose, Jim & Cindy, Michael,
Colin, Cate, Bill, Tom, John, Gene, Charlie, Gary,
Rotary Exchange Student Franco, and me.
Jesse had the impressive backwoods hot tub set
up, utilizing water from the North Fork of the Noyo
next to the spacious Tilley site of Camp One. Camping
here is always free and available on a first-come,
first-served basis. MCC makes great use of Camp One
and the Jackson Forest and are always grateful to the
State and its employees for the fine upkeep and access
to this local treasure.
The "Poker Ride" was won by Rose Fordyce with a
pair of Kings over Cindy Ellis and her pair of Queens.
Rose employed the strategy of collecting her cards
last in amassing the winning hand. Well played, Rose.

The Hill Climbing competition was won by Colin
Belisle as he bested Marc Tenzel and Gary Calder by
mere inches up the steepest rideable slope near the
camp. Later, Colin treated us to a demonstration of
"Big Air", launching his bike off a ramp built near
the top of the climbing hill.
Marc Tenzel, club El Presidente, noted that we
now maintain and use the greatest amount of the trails
in our area, more than any other group according to
his informal survey. Mountain biking has grown and he
is most pleased. Jim Ellis remarked that the number
of rideable trails has greatly increased over the past
several years. Still, the roads that crisscross the
Jackson Forest quickly become overgrown with brush and
vines due, in part, to the heavy rains this past
winter and spring. The solution: more riding. We
love our trails but the roads need some attention.
Next up: The Mendocino Coast Cyclists Mountain
Bike Race to be held Sunday, September 10.

From Rick Riley
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