Monday, June 18, 2007

Fathers Day Ride

I dont know how your Fathers Day ride was , but mine was great! Five and a half hours.
We rode Manley Gulch and then the Old Valley trail on the east side of the creek in the Woodlands canyon.
Then we went up Big River to Picolates(?).
Then up and over to Laguna to Laguna crossing and up the east side of Big River to Lillys. John had the briliant idea to climb up Boiler to 720.
About did us in.
Gascap and Gastank to Paralell Action.
What a beautiful day.

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Chris Clutton said...

I sucked a stick into my rear deraillleur and broke the hanger at the bottem of Wuss Hill. David D rode on to Comptche while I went home to get a new hanger and got my Daughters to take me and bike to the BBQ and rode back to FB with David and Janet. Two Log Haul Rd. had areas with hundreds of butterflies! Also azaleas blooming along the bottem of Docker Hill Rd helped make the ride great! Jim, Cindy and Friends also rode out to the BBQ along Big River and Marc and Friends did a road ride to Comptche by way of Hwy 128. A new way over or around the Docker Hill would make the ride nicer but it is still a lot of fun!