Monday, May 05, 2008

Sea Otter 2008

Mendocino Coast Cyclists had good representation at Sea Otter once again! We had the same camp as last year, and it was windy as usual, but no rain.

The Cross Country races where in a new order this year.

Beginners raced Friday and Tom Charters received first place in his category!

Saturday Sport class raced, and I got 8th place, which was my personal best for this course.

Sunday was Expert and Pros. Most of the top Pros where at a Worlds Competition so some old folks and new "up comers" got to race together! Tinker was in the top ten, Ned came in mid pack, and Point Arena's own Brian Estelle was not far behind!

Unfortunately Colin crashed during practice and was unable to race the Down Hill.

Rick and I once again tasted IMBA's beer and food. Good things are coming!

Tom did the century road tour, and we all collected as much swag as possible, the Caspar Classic race will once again have lots of goodies! We made new friends and visited with old ones.

Sea Otter was a great time once again!


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