Thursday, March 12, 2009

King Range Camp out and Ride May 23-24

The Paradise Royale bike trail in the King Range has been referred to as the "Little Whistler". I've not been to Whistler but if it's like this trail it Rocks! Don't worry if you are not into jumps and drops good ride arounds are easy to see and use.
Tolkan Camp has water but I suggest bringing drinking water and using this treated water for washing only.
There is a store 20 min drive from camp for supplies if needed. Shelter Cove is about 30 min away with some eating places, a nice beach, and good surf spots for those interested in other activities.
Drive time from the Mendo Coast is about 2.5 hrs by way of Redway go west on the Shelter Cove Rd turn on King Peak Rd and go north to Tolkan Camp.
Rides will start from Camp at 12:30 Saturday, 9:30 and, 12:30 Sunday.
Members of the Bigfoot Bike Club are interested in riding with us, so I will invite our friends from the north to join us for this fun weekend camp out and ride.
Here is a link to a great ride blog with information on this trail and other rides in the Humboldt area.

Get out and Ride!
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