Friday, May 29, 2009

King Range Camp out and Ride

The two Tims from the Bigfoot Bike Club riding the trail below camp.

Mendocino Coast Cyclists meet with the Bigfoot Bike Club for camping and riding in the King Range over the Memorial Day weekend. Groups from the Bay Area and Santa Rosa where also at Tolkan camp to check out the trail and have a good time.
Tim D. and Tim K. from Bigfoot and I came into camp on Friday evening. The Tims had been having fun riding in the Pea Vine ridge area earlier that day. After setting up we had a few beers with the group from the Bay Area and talked about some of the great riding opportunities we have in Northern California.
Saturday morning Jim and Cindy showed up early to set up their camp after spending the night in Garberville, and a new MCC member, Jack, came up from Little River to join us for a ride. We rode out and back on the roller coaster trail south of camp. After riding with us Jack headed down to the beach to do some surfing. John and Paul showed up around noon and we rode the loop clockwise. Everyone enjoyed the trail and views very much. This was my first time riding with Paul and he is a very good rider! Tim D. rode one loop with his bike sucking chain and decided not to ride again until new chain rings could be installed. The water was not working at camp so he volunteered to go fill our sun showers for us while we rode. When we returned to camp he had set up his shower tent and had all our shower water worming in the sun. Very nice! After a great shower, I started up the BBQ for chicken, Tim K. shucked corn, and Cindy made a great salad for dinner. We all enjoyed the food with some wine or beer, sat around the campfire to talk about bikes, the trail, and the good life.
Sunday after breakfast we where ready to ride some more. The plan was to go to the top of the downhill run so Jim and Cindy could video some of the action. It was 11 when we got to the top and because I had told folks a ride would start from camp at 12:30 I decided to keep going while the video session was happening. This was the first time I rode the complete trail counterclockwise. Coming down the narrow signal track was a blast! No one showed up at 12:30 so I had a few beers with the Tims and the group from Santa Rosa. When Jim and Cindy returned to camp we packed up and they left to check out Shelter Cove, the Tims headed north, and I took one last quick ride before heading home.
We all had a wonderful time and I hope we can do it again next year!

Here are some more photos

Jack came up and rode with us on Saturday then headed to Shelter Cove for some surfing.

John and Paul ready to ride.

Jim and Cindy set up their truck tent.
Get out and ride!

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