Monday, July 20, 2009

July Trail Work Day

Another trail work day is history!
Eleven MCC members came out to help clear downed trees, branches, and brush from old Rd 552. The trail is now ridable from Rd 555 (Berry Gulch road) to Rd 740 (Old Mill Farm access). A new trail was cleared from the old trailer to Rd 740 to bypass some large fallen redwood trees near the Old Mill Farm property.
This is a beautiful area and a good bypass to Rd 408. Check it out next time you are on this part of the forest!
Stan getting ready to play in the mud. His shirt was not nearly as white when he was done!

John and David D attack the Pompas Grass jungle.

Roo stays clear of Gene's Circle of Death!

Colin clears a log out of dip while Nick checks the line.

Mike clears some of many branches from the trail.

Colin and Marc rest up for the final assault.

Gene ready to finish last section after lunch.

I didn't get a good shot of Rick, or of me chasing down folks to get their photos.
Thank you all for helping make this a great work day!

Get out and ride!


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