Monday, August 17, 2009

Wheeler Beach Ride

A group of eleven riders braved the drive to Usal beach for a ride to Wheeler Beach on the Lost Coast. The six miles of the dirt road to Usal is brutal! I am always amazed how many people use this area, the camps where almost completely filled. The weather was perfect and the views awesome.
As we where getting ready to ride Stan startled a large bull elk that was lounging in the picnic area! It settled down again and we all got a chance to check out this impressive animal.
This was my first time on this ride and for some reason I expected it to be fairly easy. Having ridden other areas on the Lost Coast I should have known better. By rides end Cindy's computer had 22 miles and nearly 4K of climbing!

Mike and the elk at the rides start near Usal Beach.

David at one of many view spots.

Jim stops to check out Usal Beach far below.

The group arrives at Wheeler Beach.

Stan checks out Wheeler Beach.

Relaxing after the ride.

Rick at Usal Beach.
We all had a great time riding together and visiting this beautiful area!
Get out and ride!
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