Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mendocino Coast Regional Park

Proposed Bicycle Facilities for the Mendocino Coast Regional Park Hwy 20 east of Summers Ln

Presented by

Chris Clutton of the Mendocino Coast Cyclists

The following improvements are suggested for cyclists at the Regional Park east of Summers Ln.

Bike path from the Hwy 20 bike lane to activity areas and park trails.

Sweet Trail

Jump Area

Bike racks near activity areas.

Loop trails open to bikes through the park.

Trail open to bikes from park trails to the A&W Haul Rd and Jackson State Forest.

Bike skill areas located near a parking area and park trails.

Pump Track

Bicycling facilities are a good choice for the Regional Park

Having the opportunity to help build, maintain, and use a bike trails and skill areas can motivate young people to become active cyclists. Not all youths like participating in team sports. Cycling can be enjoyed alone or in a group. Cycling is an activity that people can participate in throughout their life. Young people should have a safe place to improve cycling skills in a well-designed area with experienced guidance.

Mendocino Coast Cyclists

The Mendocino Coast Cyclists Club (MCC) is interested in partnering with Mendocino Coast Parks and Recreation Department to help plan, layout, build, and maintain bike trails and skill areas at the Regional Park east of Summers Ln.

MCC is a club formed in 2003 with the mission to Advocate cycling in all aspects. Promote responsible and safe trail and road use.

MCC currently has over 70 members and more than 100 receive e-mails.

MCC has held trash clean up, trail building, and maintenance workdays on Jackson State Forest and more are planned for 2010.

Ongoing group rides are held three times weekly (weather permitting).

MCC also holds a yearly mountain bike race and has helped with cycling events held by Fort Bragg Cyclery, Catch a Canoe, and Bike Mendo.

Chris Clutton

Past President of Mendocino Coast Cyclists

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