Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bay area group discovers great riding on Mendocino coast

I wanted to share what the outside world feels after discovering our trails here on the Mendocino coast. Recently, a group of CX racers came for a weekend of riding and relaxing. They were not prepared to discover a hidden paradise for mountain biking. These are a few of the comments:

Thank you!!! I can honestly say that Saturday was my best day on a mountain bike ever in California. Those trails were so much fun!! And you are so lucky to have them in your backyard. I'm really grateful that you guys were so patient with us! I'm totally humbled and inspired and will definitely be back up!
Thanks again for being such an awesome host!


Thanks and big hugs to you and your crew! What a splendid weekend! I am already scheming my return trip!

A few of the highlights for me:

The amazing a beautiful trails
The care and consideration shown to all our riders, you made us feel safe and confident
Our special mushroom gathering mission (what a treat!)
The nearly pre-dawn fire starters after a rain-soaked night, wow!

That is only the beginning. It was truly a weekend to be savored!

Thank you again, from me and my crew. I know everyone was equally ecstatic about our adventure!!!

See you again, very soon I hope!



This is the girl with the green, steel, rigid 29er. I just wanted to personally thank you for your hospitality and all the work and love you have put in to building those amazing trails. It was definitely a spectacular weekend and I cannot stop talking about it. I, for one, will be returning for the fat tire festival if not before.

As a coincidental matter of fact last year I met a couple from Wisconsin when I was having a post ride beer at Murphy and Matthias' establishment in Marin (www.gestalthausfairfax.com). We got to talking and they were mtn bike enthusiasts looking to rent decent bikes and go on a fun ride. I lent the woman mine and they actually brought it back unscathed and with pretty pictures. So the coincidence comes that I just received an email from them about their return trip to the Bay Area this spring and they want to go up to Mendocino. Of course I emphatically encouraged this. Would you mind if I give them your email as a contact? I am sure they would love to see your amazing trails as well.

Thanks again,


Wanted to let you know what a fantastic time my team had in Mendocino.

The riding was outstanding, the guides were great and the hospitality puts other parts of the country to shame.

We'll be back for sure.

Thank you all again for everything.



OMG -- that ride was so FUN!!!
Seeing that video makes me want to be in Mendocino RIGHT NOW!!

You guys took us on the best loop!! I loved it all.

Thanks again!!
and see you again soon!!!


yes thank you!! that was awesome!!! I'm missing mendocino too!! Hopefully the rain will stop so we can go up and ride again soon! :-)


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