Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gas Cap Trail Reroute

Mendocino Coast Cyclists completed a reroute on the Gas Cap Trail Saturday.

Nick works on the grade from the old trail.

John helps chop out a stump.

Jesse clears the upper trail.

Jack and Tom grub some roots.

Working on the final grade.

Jim and Cindy join us at lunch after putting down first tracks.

This was another successful work day thanks to all the help from the Club and Jackson State Forest!




Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Chris! Gas Cap reroute looks & rides just great!

T-bone said...

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone is riding this weekend (July 1-5) and wanted to show me the trails. I live up in Portland and I'm coming down to the area. I would love to ride with some locals.



Chris Clutton said...

The Club ride will start at 11AM Sunday July 3 at the end of the pavement on Road 409. All are welcome to join us!