Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sea Otter Classic

The sun was good to us at Laguna Seca and stayed out untill Sunday afternoon when we had to pack up camp in a light rain. Pre riding the Cross Country Course was a bit muddy after heavy rain Wednesday but by Sunday it had dryed out except for a few wet seeps. The crowd was fairly small to be expected with recent weather. This made it easy to collect much swag as I did to give away at our Cross Country Race this summer (yes I'm keeping the realy good stuff). The Cross Country was different this year. No hurl hill but it seemed like more climbing overall to me. We rode the racetrack clockwise so the race didin't start with the hard climb to the top of the corkscrew. The new singletrack sections were fast and rolling. Quite a bit of road, both paved and dirt made passing easy. Going up hill on last years down hill singletrack was steep and hard. Near the end of the course the trail did a switch back just below our camp (this made watching the pros late Sunday afternoon easy) befor hitting the racetrack for a short down hill to the finish line.
Marc rode the Road Race and said it was hard but fun. David Conrad, Matt, and I rode the Cross Country. David tied for 2nd place! His medal was cool having a usable stem cap. Check out his bike next time you see him.
In all we had a great time! It would have been nice to have more members and friends camp with us, but with the weather it was understandable. We will do this again next year and hope for more predictable weather.
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